Natural History Photographs

Fuscidea cyathoides
Mont Aigoual (Cevennes), France; 13 - 18 July 2015.
Fuscidea lightfootii
English:Lightfootian lichen
Bergen (NH), the Netherlands; 29 December 2013.
Castricum, the Netherlands; 13 September 2014.
Castricum, the Netherlands; 15 April 2017.
The photos from Castricum 2.5 year apart are from the same tree, and the individual thalli can be matched with confidence. The thallus on the middle photo of September 2014 is the same as that on the top-left photo from April 2017 (the distribution of the apothecia is like a fingerprint). The left photo of September 2014 corresponds to the bottom-left photo of April 2017. A comparison of these photo shows the growth and development of the apothecia. Also, the growth of the surrounding thalli of Parmelia sulcata can be estimated.