Welcome to 'The best of Natural History Photographs'!

In action in the Ardèche
Since 2007, I have been taking photos of insects and other aspects of Nature. This has resulted in a large collection of photos that are on display at my website, Natural History Photographs. Its primary aim is documentary: to present photos of insects and other aspects of Nature that draw my attention. Its secondary aim is aesthetic: to show the beauty of Nature.

The documentary and aesthetic aims do not always go hand in hand, since aesthetic qualities are far more demanding than documentary ones. Hence, the aesthetically pleasing photos tend
to drown in an ocean of documentary photos. To embody the secondary aim too, I decided to launch a satellite website,
The best of Natural History Photographs. Here I present photos
that I appreciate especially because of their aesthetic qualities.

Let me briefly explain what I'm looking for - admitting fully that you may appreciate different qualities! I like photos that isolate the insect from its environment without abolishing that environment; that have a reduced color palette; that have a balanced composition. Such photos invite me time and again to let my eyes wander over them - without habituation kicking in too soon.

I hope you share some of my sense of beauty - enough to enjoy the pictures shown here! And if you happen to be interested in the documentary qualities as well, you can always click the photo or the legend, which will bring you to the mother website, Natural History Photographs. Enjoy your visit!

Cor Zonneveld
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