Natural History Photographs

Chelostoma rapunculi
Authority:(Lepeletier, 1841)
Nederlands:Grote klokjesbij
Amstelveen, the Netherlands; 15 - 23 June 2007.
Photographed in clouded and windy weather. Apparently the bee was seeking shelter against the elements. According to Müller, Krebs and Amiet (1997), this species is specialised on Campanula spp., but these don't grow in the neighbourhood. Malva moschata seems to be an acceptable alternative for this bee.
Amstelveen, the Netherlands; 7 July 2012.
Female entering nesting hole in bee hotel in my garden. Although this bee hotel has been available for many years, this was the first year I have seen Chelostoma rapunculi using it. The use of gravel to close the nest entrance is typical for Chelostoma.
Amstelveen, the Netherlands; 27 - 28 June 2015.