Natural History Photographs

Ecological interactions among plants
Hemiparasitic plants

Hemiparasitic plants rely of other plants for their supply of water and inorganic nutrients, but they are green and thus are able to photosynthesize. They may either attach to the branches of their host, or to their roots. In the latter case, the parasitic relationship is not immediately visible in the field.

on branches of the host

Decaisnina cf. signata
Northern Territory, Top End - Australia; 23 December 2008.

Viscum album
Göreme (Nevşehir), Turkey; 1 May 2015.
Epen, the Netherlands; 20 April 2011. Aizac, France; 25 July 2011.

on roots of the host

Osyris alba
Göksü delta (Mersin), Turkey; 25 April 2015.

Melampyrum pratense Pedicularis spec.
Huizen, the Netherlands;
18 May 2007.
Nufenenpass, Switzerland;
25 July 2007.