Natural History Photographs

by Cor Zonneveld

This site's name makes clear you can expect photographs - but about what? Natural History is one of those terms that immediately ring a bell, but are difficult to put one's finger on. Here's an attempt at definition:

'Natural history is the scientific study of plants and animals in their natural environments. It is concerned with levels of organization from the individual organism to the ecosystem, and stresses identification, life history, distribution, abundance, and inter-relationships. It often and appropriately includes an esthetic component.'
[In: S.G. Herman, 2002. Wildlife biology and natural history: time for a reunion. Journal of Wildlife Management 66:933–946.]

The definition makes clear what my photographs are about: individual organisms in their environment; their life history; their inter-relationships. The definiton also refers to a sense of esthetics. And indeed, I try to make not only interesting but also pleasing photographs.

So you may expect photographs of all macroscopic nature. Since I always have had a special interest in insects, much of this site is dedicated to them. In particular, you will find lots of photos of wasps and bees, flies and butterflies; but increasingly also of a host of other insects. Geographically, my photos are mostly from Holland and from various places in Europe and Turkey, but I also made some trips to more exotic places. From 2013 onwards, I broadened my scope further and developed a taste for lichens, then fungi in general, and finally, in autumn 2014 I collected my incidental photos of plants and organized these too in a systematic overview. In autumn 2016 I collected my photos showing ecological interactions in a set of dedicated pages. As of January 2017, I feel this website has become worthy of its name!

All photographs: Copyright Cor Zonneveld. Permission is hereby granted for anyone to use images on these pages for non-commercial purposes which are of benefit to the natural environment. School pupils, students, teachers and educators are invited to use the images freely. The photographer should be credited where practicable. Use for commercial purposes is prohibited unless permission is obtained from the copyright holder.